Dutch VAT Rep is 100% specialized in Dutch VAT compliance and representation. We guarantee high level quality and monthly reviewing of your data to assure you are compliant with the VAT laws.

Our office is located in Eindhoven in the Netherlands, where we work in a team of very experienced VAT specialists and compliance officers who are used to serve multinational and international operating clients.

Alice Rijnders is in charge of the VAT compliance practice.

We serve almost 700 multinational and international companies using the Netherlands as their logistic hub or country of import into the European Union (EU). In 2017 we filed about 2785 VAT returns and 1440 ICP declarations and Intrastat filings.

For the majority of our customers we work as a general VAT representative in the Netherlands. In this structure, the client gets their own VAT# and import license and provides maximum flexibility in their logistic process and to explore new markets.

We take care of the VAT registration procedure, provide full guidance for the compliance, provide sample spreadsheets and also VAT training.

In the execution of our work, we are in close contact with both the logistic provider and the clients.

We review your data on a monthly basis, so you are always compliant with the National and European laws.

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Dutch VAT Rep is 100% specialized in NL VAT compliance and VAT representation. We go one step further and provide our clients with a Smart. Simple. Solution. For more information please contact us.